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Someday, Somewhere, Somehow, Someway

















Even in times of adversity we have the power

to change things within ourselves even if we have no control over other

people, places or things.


Written by BonnieDunn©2000





Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.


Written by BonnieDunn©2000




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How very is to be in your world....

with no hope, just long ago and now dead desires.

How very face each day with your sharp edges

with no love, just a heart thatís consumed with all the wrong feelings.

How very is to no longer dream

with no joy, or cup overflowing with gladness.

How very never feel the softness of a loverís touch.

with no happiness...your soul will wither and turn to rust.

Ah...but to all the dreamers that lie within each of us I say this,


Causes no pain..

Only the loss of true love that remains is to blame.


Written by BonnieDunn©2001



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My body trembles and shakes and slowly I drift away. I wake up to a strange place and ask myself, 'where am I?' Someone whispers into my ear and tells me itís okay. Then slowly takes me by the hand and leads me far away. I know not where and yet I really donít care. For when he took me by the hand, I felt warmth, trust, understanding, and love. But when he touched my cheek, I glanced into his eyes and saw---------that I was only dreaming.


Written by BonnieDunn©1975


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When youíre down and feeling blue.

I'll be there to comfort you.

The hurt you have, is big in size.

Oh my brother, I hear your cries.


Your life is precious, this I know.

Even now, when you don't think so.

Believe, when I say we care about you.

Our love will be the strength

To see you through.


Harsh words may be spoken. How true we all know.

But only under stress does our anger show.

Hold strong to the thought that whatever is done.

Nothing can remove a motherís love for her son.


Open your eyes and see for the first time.

All is not lost, dear brother of mine.

Things have a way of coming to us. To strengthen

 Our beliefs and our trust.


    Written by BonnieDunn©1998



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I know a special person, who I've known

since I was young.

I've loved that special person, like a mother

would love her son.

I've watched that special person going down

life's demanding road.

With winding curves and sometimes stepping

on my special person's toes.

The years have come and the years may go,

but I shall always be glad I know,

that special persons love I hold.

The Lord has written a special time,

that I must fill in my special person's life.

I hope that I may somehow, someday,

repay what my special person has

given to me, in her own special way.


My special person, My special friend,

My special sister,

My Good Lord's Lend.


Written by BonnieDunn©1986


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Roaming through wide open spaces

Trudging on by God's loving graces

Knowing not where my feet will land

Hoping all will understand


Through the Pinetop Mountains I will go

Lakes, rivers and slow streams flow

Wild flowers roaming all so free

This is where I'd truly like to be.


Only in my mind I travel

With feet heavy upon the gravel

To many places far and wide

Much more roaming before I die


Butterflies are free they say

Birds and Bees will also play

Squirrels and rabbits know no fear

Of places that I hold so dear.


Written by BonnieDunn©1985



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Someday, Somewhere, Somehow, Someway


Someday, somewhere, somehow, someway I will be "just rightĒ for......Someone!


Written By BonnieDunn©2001



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Many years have passed me by

The ups and downs and all the lies

have faded only to appear

as tiny wrinkles and wear & tear.

The journeys that I have left to go

of people and places yet unknown

are but only dreams,

that I dream alone.


Like the rivers, it will flow

Time will tell, and I will grow

the hopes, the dreams and

the many schemes

will fade away- and not be seen

locked up tight inside of me.

Written by BonnieDunn©1983



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I saw a streak of fire- shooting across the sky tonight...

and it was the brightest I'd ever seen.

And on the radio- callers wanted to know....

what it was and oh what did it mean?

A missile? A UFO? Perhaps a shooting star?


It was just my broken heart.


And as the dying embers- fizzled out and hit the ground....

once again I am left here-standing alone-

beside a dusty road- that leads to nowhere.....

And then as I turn to see my shadow-

I caught a glimpse of the person I use to be-

now only a shell...

Where once was a warm beating heart.


Written by BonnieDunn©1999



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Why am I afraid to tell you who I am?  I am afraid to tell you who I

am, because if I tell you who I am, you may not like who I am. And it's

all that I have. 


  Written by BonnieDunn©1974





If I were to create a beautiful garden for you, filled with serenity and peace....
would you go to the end of the earth to see me smile?

Written by Bonnie Dunn@2005


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