The childhood memories of my dad

   are far and few, but none are sad.

He did have to go, when I was so young.

Nothing I could do to stop the calling

   from above, to my father John.

I miss him so, I didn't have enough time.

But I'm glad because death doesn’t have to

   mean goodbye.

Some days I can feel him near, so he's

  really not gone too far from here.


Times we spent looking for worms.

Going to the park, all us kids taking turns,

   with our father- John.

He seemed like a giant-big and strong,

  and as a child I had no thoughts,

  of what would go wrong-

  with my father John.


I wonder, does he see me now.

  all grown up- would he be proud?

My children are without a grandfather,

 and they'll miss the love he could only pass to others.

But someday, somehow I know its true,

  they'll see you father as I have seen you.

        I miss you, my father John.

 Written by BonnieDunn©1980