My name is Bonni and this is a website that I hope you will enjoy and appreciate. It gives you just a glimpse of the character of my soul. I share with you my passion for all of Godís creations.

      I have incorporated my own personal works of poetry, along with a collection of my thoughts, views  & beliefs.  I have placed many works of art  that I have found along my travels on the internet  or what has been sent to me by my treasured email buddies. (and YOU know who you are!)  My intentions are only to share what I consider to have beauty and substance. If by chance I have something on my website that belongs to you and you do not want me to have it,  please feel free to let me know about it and  I will remove it immediately. Bonni@BonniezCove.com

     I dedicate this site to all of those who have come into my life and touched my heart. You are truly the unseen Angels of this world. I would not be who I am if not for the gentle souls that you are. All have been mirrors. And all have been a source of comfort, friendship and love. I have truly been blessed!

     To those who know about my personal lifeÖ..all the past abuse has only led me to heal my wounds and all of the dark places within. I finally found my voice! AND I no longer walk alone.

     I have included a few links that I have found to give PEACE when you are searching, HOPE, when you have none and Laughter, when you need a smile the most.

Enjoy, and make sure to pass it on!

Love, Bonni


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My Favorite Links